Sunday, 16 November 2008

'Bryony Makes a Zombie Movie' documentary for people OUTSIDE UK

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

many many cheersss to jjc1137 for makin the effort to please the people that actually live outsidee the uk [yess they do exist :o ]
who of course deserve to see it for all their wonderful efforts within the project.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Poster competition!

Poster competition!

So we finally shot some stuff, and are editing it as we speak (or type!). There is a screening on the 30th of October of what we have so far. Part of that is that we need a poster to put up around the cinema it's being held at! So that is why we are having a poster competition!

The peramiters are: you have to make it A1 size, which is 594 × 841 mm or 23.4 × 33.1 inches. It has to be in 100 DPI or higher, and preferably in CMYK, though if needs be, I can convert what you send to that. File type is unimportant and we should be able to work with whatever you send. Send your finished poster entry in a smaller size to me at the email address below on or by the 25th, making sure to keep the full sized one incase your entry gets shortlisted.

The deadline is Saturday the 25th of October! Send the submissions to: internetzombiemovie @

I am going to make a shortlist on the 25th and have a vote on youtube for the best one, which will get printed and used for the screening on the 30th. The winner will recieve a printed fullsize copy of their poster, and if they live in the UK and or can get to it, can come to the screening with a friend.

You MUST use the 'World Wide Dead' name as that is the name of the film!!

The following are things you can use for the poster if you want to but you don't have to:
  • Ben: Mike Ivens aka badm4ths
  • Abbie: Frankie Ward aka FrankieLovesToday
  • Ethan: Joseph Ripley aka JosephRipley
  • Kelly: Samantha Taylor aka pinklikethepanther
  • Eric: Mark Ribolla aka DentonUSA
  • Directors (of this part so far): Pete Curran and Tim Keeling
  • you could put my name on it somewhere? Bryony Matthewman aka Paperlilies
POSSIBLE TAGLINES (you don't have to include any tagline, or if you want, you can make up your own):
  • The Internet Zombie Movie
  • Uploading near you soon
  • When will you log out?

Monday, 20 October 2008

we shot some film!

So we shot some of the film!!!
It was so amazing to actually see this thing come to life! I had an amazing (and exhausting!) time. I want to thank all the people who were there and helped out in any way. Without the dedication and extremely hard work of everyone involved, it wouldn't have happened.
I will be posting more excessively grateful thanks to everyone in the next few weeks, but I have to do another 921904 things before the screening on the 30th October (ie, the film needs to be edited, scored, posters need making, credits need accumulating, blogs need to be made, effects need to be specialled) so for now, thankyou thankyou everyone!

here are some photos taken by Adam, aka SkinnyGhost of the special effect makeup by beautiful Elvis:

Friday, 10 October 2008

Links and things

Hey! Hi! SO! It's been ages since this site got updated, and for that I am sorry. It's been kind of insanely hectic and there's been so much to do and organise that there's barely been time to email people let alone write on this blog. I should have got someone to be the blog person or something. Actually, if you're reading this and want to help out via blogging, let me know!

This post is kind of a tool for me more than anything else, It's just going to be a load of links, so I can send this to people as a link hub, or whatever you'd call it.

Abby myspace:
If anyone wants to help out on the facebook/myspace/blog front, let me know.

Abby Blog:

Ben myspace:



Script bible:

Vlog list:

Script breakdown:

Video blog videos:

Official website for the final movie:

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Character names

Ok, there has been some (ie, fucking loads) of confusion about character names- basically, I am going to make a video on youtube in the next week or so, asking people to come up with the characters' names. The names we have right now are NOT what the characters will be called once we start shooting. So... There.

Thursday, 31 July 2008


A load of people emailed and said they'd not seen that the auditions were happening til it was too late and the deadline had passed, so it's been extended to the 8th of August!

Good luck!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Webisode 6: Gruesomely made up!

The BBC's page (only viewable in the UK)

I met the guy who did the makeup on all these AWESOME films!! It's so cool :D Stuart Conran was the guy I was talking to and Paul Ewen (who's website I would put a link to but I can't find it!) was the guy who did the actual makeup- It looked so cool, I would have gone around and freaked people out with it if I hadn't had to go somewhere right after it :(

Webisode 5: meet the writers

The BBC's page (only viewable in the UK)


Wowwww!! There are so many auditions!! At the moment there are 75! This is so awesome! I'm going to sit down and watch them all during today. I expect the BBC will want to use some in a video on there site too! Speaking of which, I will post their latest videos on here today too- they're pretty great :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Audition video and scripts posted!

Go here for all the info on the characters and scripts to use in your audition.

DEADLINE EXTENDED to the 8th August!