Thursday, 15 June 2000

How You Can Get Involved

The Internet Zombie Movie is open to anyone who wants to get involved.

If you want to be a part of it, you can:
-share plot ideas and help write the script over on the forum.
-take part in one of the zombie gatherings, which will be taking place in London, New York City, and all over the globe, for large extras scenes. (stay tuned to this blog for dates, times and places)
-email internetzombiemovie (AT), telling us your location and skillz, with links to anything you've previously done (ie youtube videos).
-become a sponsor of the movie- we need film equipment and special effects and locations and, well, everything you'd need for a low budget horror movie!! Do you have a ton of ketchup you don't want? let us know!! Anyone who sponsors the movie would get a credit at the end of the film! (woo!)

-basically, if you wanna help, you probably can.


Anonymous said...

Hey this idea rocks, i will hold a short talk about at upcoming webmonday in munich or maybe a session at barcamp munich 08

Anonymous said...

hi my names Rachel and i live in cornwall.

i'd LOVE to be in the zombie movie!!!

problem. i cant get to london =[

please email me and tell me some more information!! :D

Anonymous said...

i cant get to london or new york cause i live in cornwall

Anonymous said...

hi my names Dacia pronounced (daysha) i live in ithaca NY and it is impossible to get to london and NYC so i was wondering if some of it could be shot here? i would LOVE to be a part of this ive seen all of george romeros zombie movies and i would love to help