Thursday, 31 July 2008


A load of people emailed and said they'd not seen that the auditions were happening til it was too late and the deadline had passed, so it's been extended to the 8th of August!

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...


When are the auditions for zombies in london? i can't seem to find the info on the site!

shezdior said...

I would really like to audition for the movie as I have an obsession with Zombie moives. Where are they being held?

reubnick said...

Aw great. That means I lost...

カミラ said...

aw, that is nice :D

the more the better

Magnulus said...

But that means more competition for me! Damn you, Stephano! *shakes fist*

Seriously though, I'm going to assume that means that the read-through tomorrow is off, which is very practical, because I would have had trouble getting time off from my wedding to meet up with you folks if I had gotten the part. ^_^

LazLusther said...

Bad idea Bryony if you want to keep the Halloween deadline, you've only got 90 days to make this film and if you take longer to do auditions thats a week worth of production gone to waste.

On average post production alone for a standard feature length hollywood film can take up to 6 months to complete so don't waste time.

Tough reality but thats how the film industry works

Alex said...

how are "children" (aged 14 or so) supposed to audition??

Walexo said...

All the auditions is made through youtube, so you don't need to go somewhere.

Children that are 14 or younger can auditions by using by a role, but they will probably be use for acting vlogs of persons being bitten by zombies.

Anonymous said...

Hey! do you reckon there will be any auditions down in the south west anytime for zombies and all?

I hope so cuz it would b so kwl.

Also, good luck with what you are doing cuz i think its awesome!!!!

Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

hi is it too late to send in an audition tape??? Cheers Marie