Monday, 21 July 2008

online auditions!

I'm going to make a video soon with descriptions of all the main characters in the film, and then have the AUDITIONS!

Basically, there will be some of the script posted, and each person who wants to play a certain character will have a scene to act out infront of the camera. Post it as a video response to the video I make calling for entries. This would be for ALL the main characters, which are from London, NYC, Germany and Australia. There are atleast two male and two female UK leads, and two US leads. There are lots of characters who are going to be in various vlogs, and then of course many many zombies, which will be cast at a later date.

I know this is super soon but I am leaving for the Toronto youtube gathering (go 888!!) so I need to do this right quick!!

Then after that, there is going to be a UK read-through on the 1st August somewhere for whichever people seem like the best actors and the BBC will be there to film it.

Stay tuuuunneed!!! bounce

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Sophie said...

Can't wait! x