Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Zombie Walk!!

I just got back from the London Zombie walk!! It was great fun!! Luckily it didn't rain as it was expected to, so we got all the shots we needed!
I dressed as a news reader (from TEH news!) who was reporting on the zombie walk, and then I got bitten (by J0ames!) and filmed by AndyFrogman (I don't know your user name on youtube! :/), who was filming me pretending to do a report to this fancy camera that BenLoka borrowed. It sounds complicated but it will make sense at some point. (ie, when some of the footage gets uploaded!).
I took my stills camera but I didn't get any chances to take photos! Which is lame but I know lots of other people took some photos so I will try to post them soon!! Aswell as the footage we shot with my little sony handicam, a guy called James Smart ( who used to be/is? a broadcast cameraman (with a HUGE camera!) came and filmed some shots for it too, which is so awesome!! (thankyou!!).
The other people who came on the walk (from youtube) were Littlemissjadeykins, oilslug (?), and thewirrow- there were the actual zombiewalk 'people', who also were really cool, and there was one guy who is a professional makeup guy, and he looked really quite creepy!

As we walked (lurched!) down oxford st, we groaned and moaned at passersby, which was really fun. A lady yelled at us, but mostly it was taken in good humour, which is how it was meant (from us alteast- I can't speak for the girl who stole my flyers for the IZM and threw them in the bin after ineffectually trying to rip them in half- I think she was doing the walk for some sort of deep reason. Or she was just in a bad mood?)

Thankyou to everyone who came! I had a great time! I will put up some footage tomorrow hopefully and also post any pictures I can get my fake-blood-stained hands on!


Caroline said...


I was on the walk. :D

my youtube username is CarolineisCaroline.

It was really fun. People were screaming and steping away from us.

eds209 said...

Hi Bryony, was good to meet you albeit very briefly, at the zombie walk. (I was the guy who filmed the walk down Oxford st). I'll post the footage up on youtube shortly. In the meantime, you can check out my zombie short movies -
Houseparty of the Dead
Houseparty of the Dead II: residential evil

If there's anything i can you with in your zombie qest, then just give me a shout

LittleMissJadeykins said...

Heya the zombie walk was great fun, lots of photos have been added to the facebook event page already :)

Jade xx

Stuclark said...

I was on the walk (not dressed as a zombie, but I did film down the entire length of Oxford Street), but unfortunately didn't get a chance to say hello to Bryony.

I'll post my footage (probably on YouTube) and elsewhere if it's useful for the final movie. I mostly went for shots of the zombies walking past and crowd shots of reactions, so some of it should be good as filler scene footage.