Sunday, 16 November 2008

'Bryony Makes a Zombie Movie' documentary for people OUTSIDE UK

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

many many cheersss to jjc1137 for makin the effort to please the people that actually live outsidee the uk [yess they do exist :o ]
who of course deserve to see it for all their wonderful efforts within the project.



Anonymous said...

The whole idea for this film was posted on matthawkins ages ago, everything i saw from the bbc documentary about the films ideas and stuff have already been done!

dani jones said...

haha, oh my gosh- was Ben Loka your 'fake cameraman'?

And omg, I was on the BBC! *dances* I wonder if I made it into the film.

Yay and good luck with the rest of things!

Amanda said...

Just watched this on the BBC, and I must be honest.. this IS the first time I've heard of your project.

It was an interesting 'documentary', and also set out in a weird way.. Good job with everything so far guys.

eds said...

Hey Bryony, hope its all going well! Remember you went on a zombie walk aaaaages ago at the start of this thing? Well I used some of the footage I shot then in my own little zombie movie - and it also contains a little homage to your news channel. Hope you like it!

Things To Do In Camden When You're Dead

Anonymous said...

It seems your "Zombie Movie" is dead,
my guess is that you were a spoiled (and still are) child who got whatever they wanted and never show any appreciation.
You should have thought this whole project through before embarking on it.
It's like..."Oh..I think i'll make a zombie movie" ....then a month later decide your bored with it and leave all the people who put in time and effort to help out hanging in the breeze.
If you intend on not finishing what you start you could at least let some of us know.
oh aned btw....what you did get finished SUCKED!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is this a joke? Jesus Christ! There STILL hasn't been any update on this stupid site for like 3 months. This project is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my entire life, no joke. Stupid paperlilies comes out with this awesome idea and then completely drops the project like 3 months later because it takes effort on her part. Sorry Paperlilies, but you completely let A LOT of people down with this. You probably don't care any way, because it's not like you even ever look at this website that was created for YOUR project anyway...


World Wide Dead Forum said...

The IZM Forum seems to have closed down, but there is a new ongoing discussion forum for World Wide Dead at:

Anonymous said...

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Andy Frogman said...

Hey there, I was with you in London for the Zombie march in 07. I was just looking through some of the links on my website and some of the Youtube stuff. I don't want to be pounding the nail or anything on this one, but are we to assume that this project is dead?

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