Friday, 10 October 2008

Links and things

Hey! Hi! SO! It's been ages since this site got updated, and for that I am sorry. It's been kind of insanely hectic and there's been so much to do and organise that there's barely been time to email people let alone write on this blog. I should have got someone to be the blog person or something. Actually, if you're reading this and want to help out via blogging, let me know!

This post is kind of a tool for me more than anything else, It's just going to be a load of links, so I can send this to people as a link hub, or whatever you'd call it.

Abby myspace:
If anyone wants to help out on the facebook/myspace/blog front, let me know.

Abby Blog:

Ben myspace:



Script bible:

Vlog list:

Script breakdown:

Video blog videos:

Official website for the final movie:

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